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Haoyes owns mold manufacturing, injection workshop, oil spraying, silkscreen printing, independent development studio, assembly workshop and large storage warehouse. It is blessed with excellent conditions and has created products with unique design, concepts and which are nearly perfect.


Haoyes focuses on the research, development and production of wireless portable audio, has a professional research and development team, exquisite assembly technology, rigorous quality inspection system, leading the current hot product trend.


Haoyes try the best to restore the pure sound quality, with the beating notes, elegant tone, let the night no longer dark, let the heart no longer floating... Music has no boundaries, which not only makes up for the artistic conception that language cannot describe, but also makes you more elegant.


Haoyes is committed to the innovation of high-quality portable speakers, outdoor speakers, and home speakers. It can control the market dynamics at any time, strive for survival with quality, development with reputation, and keep improving with a meticulous attitude, so as to provide the majority of users with a luxurious audio-visual feast.

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