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According to the research, analysis and statistics of relevant big data collected by the Marketing Department of baiyin mall, the market of professional audio and related peripheral industries in China (general index: Professional speakers, card package speakers, microphones, amplifiers, effects, sound processor, mixer, decoder, audio interface, support, and wire products) sound system in the whole present situation of oversupply, no technology, no brand, no sales channels of enterprise survival pressure, and some of the strength of the manufacturers began in niche market, by trying to focus a...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 27
Driven by the boom in KTV and bars, the professional audio market has achieved rapid development in the past decade. The main demand in this stage is bars, professional KTV, nightclubs and large hotels. After 2015, the market entered a stagnant period.Since the second half of 2017, with the improving of the individual cultural needs, the company of the Internet, the rise of tourism wave and the characteristics of small town, family and personal entertainment acoustics, small meeting room acoustics, education, culture, market performance and small sports entertainment venues demand increase, th...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 27
At present, there are several professional audio channels: A, traditional audio agent wholesaler. B. Traditional sound weak current engineering business. C, IT class and security class agent wholesaler. D, IT and security system integrators, E, traditional e-commerce and emerging vertical audio industry Internet + platform.With the increase of national income and the change of consumption concept in China, people's preference for sound system is also changing. Generally speaking, the market share of foreign famous brands and some domestic high-quality products will continue to expand. On the o...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 27
At present, more and more professional manufacturers participate in the secondary cinema market, which greatly improves the audio-visual experience of the secondary cinema. With the further standardization of secondary cinemas, secondary cinemas will become a broader market than mainstream cinemas. Cinema equipment, including cameras, screenings, lights, sound effects, seats and other peripheral equipment, is a huge blue ocean market to be developed. There are many professional audio enterprises have focused on the layout of secondary theater lines, launched suitable for small and medium-sized...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 27
The world: Mercury Space Moscow recently became the world's first Immersive Sound Art installation project. The solution was developed by l-acoustics Russian dealer Sonoruss. The owners of the mercury space nightclub on the 40th floor of the mercury city building in the Russian capital tried to get a "unique" sound system."When the nightclub owner came to visit the l-isa lab at Highgate, we introduced the new multi-channel l-isa system through Kiva II and KS28." Sonoruss CEO Igor Verholat recalled, "we advised the customer to split the installation requirements into tw...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 27
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