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Moscow mercury space

Date: 2018-12-27
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The world: Mercury Space Moscow recently became the world's first Immersive Sound Art installation project. The solution was developed by l-acoustics Russian dealer Sonoruss. The owners of the mercury space nightclub on the 40th floor of the mercury city building in the Russian capital tried to get a "unique" sound system.

"When the nightclub owner came to visit the l-isa lab at Highgate, we introduced the new multi-channel l-isa system through Kiva II and KS28." Sonoruss CEO Igor Verholat recalled, "we advised the customer to split the installation requirements into two phases to share the cost, but after hearing about the system on the spot he decided to install it all at once. He's full of praise for the whole system.

Installation was performed by Theatre Technique and Technology with the assistance of the Sonoruss and l-isa teams. L-isa ISA technology based on the idea of immersive audio. It combines the acoustical design capabilities of l-acoustics with speaker systems supported by processors to create a very realistic sound effect for live performances.

"L-isa provides an amazing localized sound source that immerses the listener in the sound space." Sonoruss sound engineer Alexander Ananiev pointed out, "it provides extremely realistic sound effects for the audience, and provides advanced surround mixing tools for on-site sound amplification engineers, which is a great progress for the traditional two-channel sound system. L-isa can enhance spatial perception through what is called 'upmix,' even when recreating traditional dual-channel mixing. A DJ, for example, can make playing in the hall sound more spacious in stereo.

Mr. Verholat went on to describe how the l-isa project, the brand's first permanent installation, was managed by the l-acoustics immersive sound brand headquarters. "During the installation process, Sherif el Barbari, director of the l-isa laboratory, trained all the engineers who became involved." "The alignment and tuning of the system was done by l-acoustics and Sonoruss teams of fixed installation application engineers Sherif and Julian Laval," he said.

The 975-square-meter site is u-shaped with a stage above the space. L-isa system is designed by l-acoustics Soundvision 3D acoustic simulation program, including five sets of four Kiva II arrays in each set hanging on the front of the stage, two sets of SB18 ultra-low tones hanging on both sides of the central speaker group and two sets of KS28 ultra-low tones stacked in front of the stage. In addition, eight X12 speakers were placed on top of the wall and opposite the stage to provide uniform coverage for the rest of the site, as well as 10 X8 speakers on each side of the u-shaped arm. The system is driven by LA4X and LA12X amplifier controllers.

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