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Professional audio future tuyere in the secondary courtyard line?

Date: 2018-12-27
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At present, more and more professional manufacturers participate in the secondary cinema market, which greatly improves the audio-visual experience of the secondary cinema. With the further standardization of secondary cinemas, secondary cinemas will become a broader market than mainstream cinemas. Cinema equipment, including cameras, screenings, lights, sound effects, seats and other peripheral equipment, is a huge blue ocean market to be developed. There are many professional audio enterprises have focused on the layout of secondary theater lines, launched suitable for small and medium-sized places of cost-effective cinema equipment, it can be predicted that the secondary theater line market will become the future of the professional audio industry a new fierce competition for the "battlefield".

What kind of opportunity is secondary cinema line for hardware enterprises? MAO daping put forward his own Suggestions: "the film technology is developing towards the trend of digitalization and networking, the market is calling for policies, and generally there is no standard until the application of products. For equipment companies, they need to develop products according to the development direction and demand of the film market, so that products with technical content can be competitive.

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