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Channel status analysis of professional audio industry in China

Date: 2018-12-27
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At present, there are several professional audio channels: A, traditional audio agent wholesaler. B. Traditional sound weak current engineering business. C, IT class and security class agent wholesaler. D, IT and security system integrators, E, traditional e-commerce and emerging vertical audio industry Internet + platform.

With the increase of national income and the change of consumption concept in China, people's preference for sound system is also changing. Generally speaking, the market share of foreign famous brands and some domestic high-quality products will continue to expand. On the other hand, the sales volume of e-commerce and Internet vertical platforms will increase year by year. China's professional audio industry is undergoing the transformation from manufacturing standard to customer standard. In this process, enterprises that can take the market as the guide and accurately grasp the customer demand are bound to lead the consumption trend of China's professional audio market.

In the next two to three years, more audio manufacturers and dealers will use Internet in different ways. The basic forms are as follows: 1. 2. Set up a new retail business division separately, make online and offline clients and interconnect with each other. 3. Cooperate with excellent vertical Internet platforms, and make my own company + Internet and new retail through cooperation with these platforms.

According to the data collected and analyzed by baiyin mall, this conclusion is drawn: online sales or online access to information and then choose offline consumption will gradually occupy the market mainstream in the future (the compound growth rate will exceed 40% in the next three years).

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