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1. The bluetooth connection failed several times

Long press pause button or M button to enter the bluetooth search state again

Turn off the speakers and restart

AUX connection is silent

Check that the audio cable is properly connected

Play it silently

Check whether the speaker volume is adjusted

Check whether the speaker is mute or paused

4. Sound break occurs when the speaker plays

Check whether the speaker is effectively connected to the distance (10 meters from bluetooth) or whether there are obstacles between the phone and the speaker

5. No response to operation

Speaker system is dead, short press reset key to restart the system (start up and charge for 30 minutes before use)

(please refer to the operation manual for details about the key position of each speaker.)

6. No charge

Please check that the Micro USB charging cable is properly connected to the adapter and host

Please check whether the voltage and current of the power adapter meet the requirements

Please ensure that Micro USB charging cable and other devices can be charged normally

7. There is no sound/format error in TF card mode

Check whether the song format on TF card is correct (speakers support MP3 and WAV formats on TF card)

Whether the speaker you are using supports the TF card file format

(please refer to the instruction manual for the file format supported by the speaker.)

There is noise from the speaker

Make sure all the cables are properly connected

Make sure there is no noise in the output of the device connected to the audio line.

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