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1. Consulting service: before using the product, users should carefully read the user manual of the product. If they encounter any problems in the process of using the product, they can contact the local dealer.

2. Warranty service: during the warranty period, non-human fault occurs in normal use. Please keep the appearance of products, accessories and packaging intact and complete (if the appearance is damaged, warranty treatment).

3. Warranty service: within the warranty period, any normal use of non-human fault, can enjoy free warranty service (if man-made damage, for maintenance treatment).

4. Paid service: if the product fails within one to three years from the date of purchase, the user may charge for maintenance. The user shall pay for the required material cost, transportation cost and reasonable maintenance labor cost.

5. The company may provide paid services if the following situations are not covered by the three guarantees:

(1) over the term of the three guarantees;

(2) alter the certificate of three packages, or the serial number is inconsistent with the product itself;

(3) damage of the product caused by unexpected factors or human behaviors (such as failure to operate, maintain or keep the product in accordance with the operating instructions, fault caused by installation errors, access to inappropriate power supply, water intake, oil seepage, breakage, etc.)

(4) no valid certificate of three packages and valid invoice (except for the one that can prove that the product really belongs to the service period)

(5) product failure or damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, fire, flood, lightning strike, etc

(6) disassemble, repair or refit without permission of the company.

6. The right to interpret the contents of the certificate belongs to shenzhen ruisheng innovation technology co., LTD., which is subject to change without prior notice.

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