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1. The date of purchase shall be subject to this voucher or purchase invoice or receipt. If no valid proof is provided, the date of production shall prevail.

2. Quality problems do not include users' subjective objections to sound quality and timbre.

3. The shell, instruction manual and packaging are not covered by the warranty.

4. For the service of discontinued models, the company only provides functional repair. (the appearance may be different from the original product)

5. The company shall not be liable for any other commitments made by the distributor to you that are not guaranteed by the company.

6. Please make a separate backup or record of the important data before accepting the service. The company shall not be responsible for any loss caused by maintenance or any other reasons. The company shall not be responsible for any loss (such as bank account number, password, data change, etc.) caused by disclosure of internal information to any third party due to improper storage or other reasons.

7. Within the free warranty period, the company or the authorized service agency shall have the ownership and disposal right of the replaced fault parts.

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